september fifteenth

today was hot. like extremely hot. like texas hot minus humidity. I finished a roll of film today. I’m excited to see how it all comes out.


currently struggling with my art. i feel like i am mediocre at everything i do. i always feel like i am second best with everything. it makes me sad.


exploring around places in LBC. gguavacados showed me this rad little record shop/coffee shop/place that sells cute random shit called Berlin. it was lovely.


today I was supposed to study. I didn’t. I wanted some bubble tea, so i went to 7leaves which is literally my fav bubble tea place!!! & I got myself a thai tea. across was a swap meet that occurs every weekend, lizeth & I decided to check it out. it was hot as fuck tho. like Texas hot minus the humidity.

walking back to my car, we were stopped by a woman and a man who were Christians. the man would not stop talking about his convictions and his “life story” and how his mothers in heaven but his father isn’t going to be and I felt vr uncomfortable lmao.

I intended on going to the CSULB library to study but instead decided to explore the campus & finish my roll of Ektar. 😁 I also wrote my URL on the chalkboard in the bathroom stalls. hahaha.

i miss you.

but not in a girl needs boyfriend kind of way.

but instead a girl needs friend kind of way.

i miss you being there for me when i was feeling low & shitty & ready to move back to texas.

i miss you.

i shouldn’t. but i do.